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More about our Society


The choir was formed in January 1973, as Tuggerah Lakes Circuit Choir. By 1977 there were 60 members from all parts of the community.

Over the years, there have been a number of Musical Directors, our current one being Coralie Carr, who assumed the mantle in August 2002. Coralie studied music from an early age and became an accomplished pianist, singer and tenor horn player. She was our Society's accompanist prior to becoming Musical Director.

The Society usually presents three different programmes each year - a series of Easter performances, mid-year variety performances, then Christmas performances. Each programme is performed several times over a few weekends at various venues.











There are occasional social functions and always a Christmas party to round off the choir's year. Our members enjoy the rehearsal times, which become quite social outings in themselves!


In 2023, Tuggerah Lakes Choral Society celebrated 50 years.

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